Thursday, April 29, 2010

[2010.04.29] Happenings in May and June...!

Ahh, we have almost come to the end of another month. Lotsa excitements and events for the next 2 months for me .. so happening! Shall start counting my days... Hahah..

01 May: comeback of SS501 (hope it is still valid, else not it will still be in the same month)
01 May: 1st anniversary of SGTS forum
01 May: Pre-celebration for nephew's 1st birthday
07 May: Saengil Chukka to nephew ^^
07 May: Submission deadline for the last assignment of this semester!!!!
15 May: Submission deadline for SS501 anniversary project by SGTS *headache*
18 May: Exam *super headache*
25 May: Exam *super headache*
28 May - 03 June: "Blackout Day", no posting during this period cos I will be away in Kimchi Land ^^
06 June: Hyun Joong's 24th Birthday (25th Korean age)!! *muack muack*
07 June: In memory of Dad
08 June: SS501 5th Anniversary!!!!!!
22 June: Hmm, got my driving licence on this date last year? Didn't celebrate that time, can I make up for it? :p
28 June: Release of course results *pray hard*
30 June: D-Day!! What day? Tell you when the time comes... Hahaha..


roe_diah said...

wow! what a busy days for u in the next 2 months....
gonna miss u when u away in Kimchi Land ^__^
6 / 8 June... can't wait for it ^__^
7 June... be strong, ur dad loves u too...
30 June.... super curious!!!! haha..

xevex said...

ahh roe_diah, nice to see you here again.. yeah how i wish i can fast forward to kimchi land and skip exams.. LOL!! thanks for your concern too ^^