Friday, April 30, 2010

[Message][2010.04.30] Kyu Jong: 1st of May...

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[KYU] 1st of May... 2010-04-30 pm 9:26:19

1st of May is near at hand.
I'm tremble &
The 1st of May will be remembered as the precious time for me & you after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 10 years & several decades. ^^ right?
I always say "Thank you" but I REALLY thank you.
Until now, it's been so happy moments for me since the day we met first.^^
And it'll be.
Foverver ^^
Thank you ♡
'Waiting for 501 day from KYUL'


[규종] 5 월 1 일 .. 2010-04-30 오후 9:26:19

얼 마 안 남 았 네 요 .. !!!!!!
떨리기도 하고.. 긴장되고.. 음음..
5 월 1 일 이라는 날이 일년뒤 이년뒤 삼년뒤 십년뒤..몇십년뒤에도..
나에게는 그리고 우리에게는 소중한 날로 기억될거예요..^^
그치?! ^^
고맙단 말 늘 했지만 정말 고마워요 . 나란사람에게는 우리가 처음만난 날부터 지금까지..
너무나도 행복한 순간이었어요..^^ 앞으로도 그럴거구..
영원토록..^^ 헤 고마워 ♡
' 501day 를 기다리며... from 귤 '

You may know, 귤(KYUL) is one of his nicknames.

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