Thursday, April 29, 2010

[Video][2010.04.25] SS501 Talked About Album Delay *ENG SUB*

Here comes the subbed video!! It seems like 50-50 chances here now.. ???

JM: Album would be released on 501Day
HJL: Do you know what always happen to SS501 albums?
HJB: It's always delayed (Baby's high pitched laughters)
HJL: We promised to come back with a charming album..... But looks like this time the album would be delayed too

(Then start to talk about the iPAD, image ranking and Q&A)

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[Eng Sub] SS501 Saitama Halllyu Concert Pre-recorded Vid

1 comment:

roe_diah said...

50 - 50 chances.....
still have to wait and see ^__^

but i will be very happy, if this was only another joke by HJL ^__^

if it's not... i keep on waiting :)