Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Photo][2010.03.27] Jung Min Had Lunch With Former Baby Vox Member, Shim Eun Jin

Hmm... Jung Min was out on a lunch date with former Baby Vox member, Shim Eun Jin after his participation in Seoul Fashion Week.. Being curious, I wonder what's with this lunch date with his sunbae about.. anything to do with Royal Ave or OnStyle Magazine interview? Okay, I'm thinking abit too far... Haha..

From his clothings, I believe this was taken on the same day that he went to model for fashion label BON (see photos THERE).. his hair looked neater here though, maybe he had asked cordi noona to straighten abit for him before heading for the appointment..??

Anyway Shim Eun Jin commented that "Jung Min's got a great command of languages. He is a cute boy to have a chat with".. Yea, we know that! He's the KING of chatterbox in international languages! Once started, there's no ending to it! Opps~ ^^

Credit: Shim Eun Jin @Cyworld Minihp + (Eng Trans)
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