Sunday, April 25, 2010

[2010.04.25] a moment of inspiration....

Composed this "lyrics" at 5am in the morning on my mobile.... Just had that sudden inspiration of writing.... The flow isn't that smooth since I'm not a composer by profession in the first place... Nothing in particular so don't read too much into it... I'm feeling fine yah...


You were always there for me
When I needed you so much
Holding me dearly in your heart
I was sorry I couldn't give you my love
It must had hurt you so much
It is only now that I realize
That my heart has gone to you
Why didn't I feel this way before
Am I late to say this now
After you are gone without a word
Leaving me here alone in the rain
Wanting to return to you again
I never knew it would hurt this much
Right now my heart is crying hard
Crying for the one who was there
Loving me with his life every second
Will you come back to me
Give me another chance
Now that I know I needed you here
Come back to this fool you had loved
I need you I want you badly
Can't you hear my heart crying for you
In the rain crying for your tired heart
Now that you are gone forever
To a place called heaven
I'm sorry... I love you I love you...

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